Online payment

Step A

Visit When the page is loaded, complete the following information:

  • Concepto (subject): select TAI-Ingresantes Internacionales, write Last name and Name of the prospective student.
  • Datos del titular (information of the cardholder): complete the fields and pay attention to the MONTO (amount) field; you will have to write the equivalent of 300 USD in ARS (Argentine pesos, without decimals, comas [,] or periods [.]). The following website contains the exchange rate and it will help you make the conversion: 
  • Consentimiento (informed consent): read the consent and, if you agree, sign it and click the ENVIAR (SEND) button.
  • Verificación (Verification): complete your personal information until you finish the transaction.

It seems complicated, but you will see that it is actually easy.

Step B

The last step is VERY IMPORTANT and it is something different:

Send an email to with the following text:

I paid 300 USD on …………………… (date)

Name of cardholder:

Name of the student receiving the payment:

With this step, you will have completed the payment.

IMPORTANT: remember that if you DO NOT send this email with the information required, we will not be able to identify the beneficiary (payee) of the payment.