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Application form

It is very important that you send your Admission Application form, with all the documents requested, otherwise, you admission will be incomplete and it cannot be presented before the Admission Board. The documents you have to send are:

* Photocopy of your identity card or passport.

* Photocopy of the identity card or passport of the financially responsible party.

* Certification of Studies or proof of continuing student.

* Evidence that your account in your previous institution is paid in full (Only if you attended an Adventist institution).

* A written recommendation from your local pastor, eclessiastical authority or competent professional.

Theology Confidential Reference (only for Theological applicant).

* Letter to expound the reasons you have to study Theology (only for Theological applicant).

* ATAI - Arancel para Trámite de Alumnos Internacionales: you will also have to pay US$ 450 (three hundred American dollars) for ATAI (Arancel para Trámites de alumnos Internacionales):

1. With the Admission Application form, you will have to send US$ 300 (two hundred American dollars) non refundable.

2. The rest USD 150 will be paid when you enrol (visit

From the second year will be charged USD150 dollars each year in respect of international students.

If you are admitted as a “student on campus” this payment will also be use for reserve a place in the dormitories.

Once you have completed the Application form, the entire documents you have to enclose and the payment done, you can send it by e-mail: or by fax 54 343 4918-026.


Print schedule

On-campus students

If you are underage (younger than 21 years old) and you do not live with your family, this requirement is of utmost importance to be a student of UAP.

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